Our goal is to sell quality products

Mehregan Trading


Wholesale sale of apples with excellent quality and reasonable price

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excellent quality

Sale of high quality apples
قیمت مناسب

The price is right

Selling apples at the best price in the market
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Brilliant record

A long history in the wholesale sale of apples
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Apple export

Apple export to foreign countries
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Our mission

Our main goal in Mehregan trading is to get 100% satisfaction of our dear customers.


Benefit from free advice from our experts.

10+years of experience
15000+Satisfied customers
100%Customer satisfaction
20+Number of Employees
1000Foreign customers
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about us

AboutMehregan Trading

Mehregan Trading has been working in the field of buying and selling and exporting all kinds of apples for many years. It is possible to wholesale premium grade and grade 2 apples with the best quality in Mehregan trading. Each of the dear buyers can buy the best apples of this collection without intermediaries and at a competitive price

  • excellent quality
  • The price is right
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خرید سیب

Engineer Mehrgan – Managing Director

The most important Our missions

Other goals of Mehrgan Trading Complex include the following:

  • Commitment to quality
  • fair price
  • Respect and trust
  • Fair trade practices
  • Social responsibility and business ethics
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Introduction of Mehregan commercial products

Wholesale purchase of yellow and red apples

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What are the conditions for exporting apples to foreign countries?

For advice on exporting apples to foreign countries, contact the numbers on the site.

How much is the wholesale price of apples?

The wholesale purchase of apples is done at a better price than buying apples. Contact us for the exact price.

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The latest news and articles in the field of apples

Latest news and articles

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